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On Monday evening April 17, 2008, my uncle Norman Brown called me. I was hoping that this was the anticipated phone call I had been awaiting since he had taken the DNA test back in late February. We had previously traced our lineage as far back to my great great grandfather, Killis Brown, who was born in Richlands, North Carolina in 1831. This information and details of his children and so on was researched by my cousin Gwendolyn Waters Mitchell. She keeps a detailed family tree, I call her, our family historian. Hopefully, sometime in the near future, more information will be forthcoming about who great great grandfather Killis parents were and where they originated. This still left us only knowing that our ancestors are most recently from Onslow County, the Richlands and Jacksonville area. We also know that our ancestors were former slaves who were taken captive in Africa, had survived the middle passage crossing of the Atlantic Ocean and sold into slavery somewhere on the south east coast of America. African in origin, most of the slaves who arrived only could name a village that they came from, and even that faded after time. We know that our ancestors had to bear unspeakable hardships here in a strange land, stolen from their family, their village, and their way of life. They had to take on new identities here and adapt to a new way of life, which was brutal. This is why we should never forget them.

     Uncle Norman, finally said the words, “I got the DNA results back, and I have just opened it.” “Well,” I said, “where did it say we are from?”  His reply was “GUINEA BISSAU, from the BALANTA people. I repeated what he said out loud and said that this is exciting, to finally know what country one of our ancestors came from.  He immediately faxed me copies, and I went on the internet and began doing research on Guinea Bissau and the Balanta people. I also did research in the various books I have on Africa.