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A NIGERIAN CONNECTION CONTINUE.....Nigeria landscape is varied; with beaches, mangroves, and swamps, on the coast; rain forests in the central and the south; savannahs and sahels in the central and the north. It has two main rivers, The Niger, and The Benue, and many smaller rivers and tributaries. The wildlife consists of the drill monkeys, a diversity of reptiles, crocodiles, camels, antelopes and hyenas in the north. It has the world’s largest diversity of butterflies.
Nigeria is a wealthy country in GDP, (gross domestic products). Its greatest export is oil, in which it is the 12th largest producer, and 8th largest exporter. The major industries are coal, tin, cotton, rubber, peanuts, wood products, hides and skins, ceramics, steel, and many other products.
       Nigerian people have a long history in which archaeological evidence dates human habitation as far back as 9000 BC. The ancient Nok people of Nigeria, produced terracotta sculptures, such as one now located in The Minneapolis Institute of Arts, which portrays a sitting dignitary wearing a shepherds crook on the right arm and a hinged flail on the left, symbolizing authority that is associated with the ancient Egyptian Pharaohs, and the god Osiris. This suggests an ancient Egypt style of social structure and religion that have existed in modern Nigeria, from the late Pharaonic period.
       Nigerians are avid soccer enthusiasts. Boxing is also very popular and various other sports. Nigeria is renowned for their music industry, and very rich with the “afrobeat”, the “juju”, the “fugi”, and budding “hip hop” music. Their film industry called “Nollywood”, with many studios in Lagos and in the capital of Abuja, is very lucrative for those cities. Many DVD’s from Nigeria can be purchased in the larger cities of the United States and are very entertaining.