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Who are our ancestors? Why do we honor and remember them? These are questions each one of us should ask ourselves. Many of us know and remember our grandparents and some may remember our great grandparents. What were they like? We may remember them as being old, sitting in a rocking chair, and telling us stories about the “old days”. Many times, we could hardly understand what they were saying, or we did not care to listen to the same old story being retold countless times. We should have been more attentive as they spoke of their mothers, fathers and grandparents. Maybe we would know more today about our ancestors.

     When we ask ourselves who are our ancestors, we should know that they are we, and we are them. Each one of us contains some blood, DNA, likeness, spirit of these ancestors, and they are many. We all have 4 grandparents, 8 great grandparents, 16 great great grandparents, 32 great great great grandparents and so on.

     According to genetic scientist, our original ancestor walked this earth over 80,000 years ago. That ancestor was in East Africa, and eventually migrated to other parts of Africa, and to all other parts of the world. Every human alive today, no matter what race or color, has some DNA from that original ancestor. The Bible tells us in Genesis 1:27, that the original man was called “Adam”, and the original woman was called “Eve”. They are the origins of us all. When we imagine their faces, they should look a lot like you and I, especially our color, black. I believe that the Bible’s story and the scientist findings are of the same people, the original man and woman. This means that each one of us has a very long DNA history inside of us and much to be proud off. Never let anyone tell you that you came from nothing, and that your lineage were just slaves. Not so!  We now can know where our ancestors lived in Africa before slavery.