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HOW DID WE GET HERE CONTINUE.....Africa slave trading became very lucrative for the Europeans. The British needed slaves for its colonies in America to clear the land, to work the cotton and tobacco plantations, and also for its Caribbean colonies, to work the sugar cane plantations for the production of sugar and rum.
The Portuguese slaves were sent to Brazil, Cuba, and Haiti. The French slaves were sent to various Caribbean colonies, Suriname, French Guiana, and along the east coast of South America.
       Eventually, the whole of Africa was divided up by the Europeans (excluding Ethiopia), and its wealth (people) was taken away to the count of approximately 25 millions. Europeans, along with others, the Belgians, the Germans, the Dutch, the Italians, was controlling portions of the African continent and its people was dispersed all over the world and with much help from the African people themselves, many of whom became very wealthy.
       In the middle 19th century, the British finally banned slavery and America outlawed slavery in 1864 after the Civil war.
In the early 20th century, the African people throughout the continent slowly began to revolt and seek independence from it European colonizers. Today, all the countries in Africa are independent nations, although many have political upheavals and coup d` e-tat. Many countries are struggling and its people are poor, they seek financial aid from the very countries that had colonized them. Genocide of one group against another exists, as groups vie for political and financial domination, as was in Rwanda in the early years of 2000, and is now happening in the Sudan.
       In conclusion, I along with all my family members, must be proud to know that our roots has help to build and make great every country and every city of this world by the lives, blood, sweat and tears of our black African Ancestors who scattered and who was taken captives to every corner of this Earth. Our links may also be from the Ancients, the great Kings, Pharaohs, Priests, and great men and women of the Bible such as Adam, Eve, Abraham, David. As David’s son, Solomon said, “I Am BLACK but Comely.” I just named a few to show that we were always first, a great people, and we will be again, as we start to pull ourselves together, then we will become great kings and leaders, as is now evident in America’s current history. This is a great heritage that we must always remember and pass the stories on to the younger generation, so that what happened to our ancestors during captivity and slavery will never happen again. “Knowledge is Power.