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FOREWORD CONTINUE.....The next evening we traveled by overnight train south to Luxor (Ancient Thebes). After resting, we went to the Temple of Luxor. From there we walked an ancient highway called the Avenue of the Sphinxes. The sphinxes were lined like soldiers, on both sides of the avenue along the entire length of the highway. It connected the Temple of Luxor to the Temple of Karnak, (Ipet-Isut, ancient name) meaning “the most select (sacred) of places.” Karnak was a colossal temple, which sits on 247 acres, and the temple itself is composed of 61 acres. It has several other temples within it, and is the largest complex built by man. It has many giant columns with hieroglyphic writings, also very tall obelisks pointing up to the sky at the entrance. Later we crossed the Nile River in a ferry boat accompanied by some of the local people and some tourist. We took a car to The Valley of the Kings and Queens. It contained hundreds of tombs, wherein many of the Pharoahs, and Queens was buried from dynasty to dynasty over the centuries, along with their family members. The entrances to some of the tombs were small and very narrow.  It was very steep and humid going deep into the ground. There was very little air circulating in the tombs, however, it was worth the trouble because the walls were all decorated in beautiful drawings of Kings, Queens, Gods, and prayers, for a happy afterlife. Everything they had while alive, wealth, gold, furniture, food, jewelry etc., was buried with them, so they could live in heaven as they had lived on earth.

     Upon my return home, I started reading and researching more into the history of Ancient Egypt and Ancient Africa. The whites (Europeans) claimed that we blacks had no history prior to slavery, but we knew that was a big lie, to deceive our ancestors and ourselves, to keep our minds as well as our bodies enslaved..

     So I say to my people, be informed, read about who your ancestors are, and where they came from. You maybe surprise what you find out about yourself as a person; why you do the things you do, and say the things you say. How can you know where you are going, if you don’t know where you are from. In your search, whatever you find, share it with your children and family. Do not ever stop talking about the past and sharing your stories and histories. It is with great pleasure and pride, the quest that I started back in March 1979, has brought me to this point in 2008, wherein, I can say that part of our lineage has been established through scientific DNA testing.

      I hope that other family members will continue to do the testing, for there are the other grandparents and great grandparent who’s DNA we need to research for our lineage history to be complete.